Dunbar Art Trail is a guide to the works of public art in the Scottish Seaside town of Dunbar, East Lothian. Providing an insight into the unique history and stories behind these public artworks is designed to bring to life their stories to a wider audience, retain the history of the artworks and focus peoples attention on the public artwork in their local area. With renewed interest, ownership and passion for these it fosters not only more community pride but also a momentum to encourage local authorities to invest appropriately the funding for arts that is awarded when development comes to a town.

The Dunbar Art Trail was born from a temporary arts festival called Dunbar Street Art Festival which brought arts projects and events to the town for a number of years spinning off larger events such as the BBC One Show featured European Stone Stacking Championship, which now exist as stand along businesses in their own right under the banner DSAT Ltd.

Dunbar Art Trail is a non profit with future scope to help influence, promote and grow the local art community in the area.


Dunbar T-Shirt Shop is a family owned and operated print and embroidery shop. This website has been managed and grown from an initial wordpress with paypal plugin to a prestashop and now shopify website that is performing in the top 12% of 2020 newly launched business website on the platform.


This website was developed to promote the European Stone Stacking Championship, UK stone stacking information and workshops for kids around Stone Stacking and meditation. This project has reached millions, with press in national print media, TV and magazine coverage globally. It also Featured on BBC One Show, Landward and CBBC programmes.


The Squarespace website was developed to bring information for tourists and locals and was part of a project working on behalf of the Dunbar Trades Association.


Artist Website to promote the work of prominent Artist James Craig Page covering his work in various artistic methods.


Town Catalyst – Project was a pilot to prove concept of town centre regeneration. With the backdrop of online shopping, small town high streets are at increased risk of becoming baron places with will have wider societal consequences (Community breakdown, vandalism, crime) This project was to attract a locally owned business to a vacant high street property providing support for an initial 6 month period and watching the business continue and bring overall value to the surrounding area. Our pilot was in Dunbar and after a period of investigation a local art and maker Source Designs was given the opportunity to take her home based business into a physical premise, offering design, laser cutting, jewelry and home-wares, creating a shop called The Makery. The shop had a successful first year and has gone on to be a great asset to the town, complementing many local business and attracting people to the area from other surrounding areas by offering a unique proposition. This impact on the local economy has been seen along with employment as the shop has since taken on staff to manage demand. This model was worked on alongside East Lothian Council and could easily be rolled out across Scotland using the Business Gateway Network. The Project is currently mothballed due to the coronavirus Pandemic, but will no doubt help to shape future plans at local town recovery.

Dunbar Street Art Trail – Art and Music event with over 90 venues across the town centre and over 4,000 visitors. over 3 years this event was one of the biggest art and music events in East of Scotand. Also annual calendar of arts and music events featuring smaller scale gigs and workshops.

European Stone Stacking Championships – Stone balance event featuring competitors from across the whole of Europe.

Dunbar Busker CD – CD Launched in May 2015 featuring 10 local artists who all recieved profit from the sale, this project not only promoted local music but also gave local retailers music copyright free they could play for their customers.

Dunbar Shop Local Campaign – Various events including Small Businss Saturday promotions, Busker events, Late night Shopping, marketing events at local Schools and events.

Dunbar Art Trail – Dunbar art trail is a free to use trail showcasing the public artworks around the town. Highlighting their stories and bringing to life the great art that exists in public spaces. We have not commissioned any of the artworks featured and this is not a commentary on their quality or lack there of. This website is a resource of information. We hope that the feedback from the existing public art will in turn inform decision making and we will be making all analytical data available to the local authority art department.


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11 Years Financial Service industry experience in following departments/roles:

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Senior Resource Planning Analyst – Reporting, Design of systems, Implementation and roll out of resource planning automation tools.

Retail – From online selling on marketplace websites to physical market and shop based retail.

Print & Embroidery Design and manufacture – Large scale branding and production advice for business, charity and other organisations.

Dunbar Trades Association chair – Serving as a chair for the local trades association liaising with local business owners around local concerns and projects. Working alongside East Lothian Council, Local community council and other charitable and voluntary organisation on town improvement projects across a multitude of disciplines.


2:1 BA(hons) Business Economics Degree